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Zombie Halloween Costumes

Zombies are a staple of horror, having spread from film to books to television and all the way back again. The undead come in an enormous variety of different shapes, sizes and outfits – after all, they’re the reanimated corpses of the recently-deceased. Just take a look at a crowd scene in any George A Romero film and you’re sure to spot a bewildering variety of different zombies: zombie clowns, zombie electricians, zombie plumbers, zombie coffee-machine technicians – just as human beings come in such a of shapes, sizes and professions, so too should the zombies they transform into.

With this in mind, there is little excuse to be a boring, ordinary zombie. That’s why here at Hollywood, we offer an enormous range of different sorts of zombie costumes – including ones which pay homage to some famous figures from the world of literature, film and videogames. After all, there’s no reason that the Mad Hatter, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or a certain famous plumber should be able to escape the flesh-eating contagion. The same is equally true of the golfers, prisoners, bridegrooms, paramedics, hillbillies, priests, butchers, police officers and lollipop ladies assembled here.

Take a look through our selection and we’re confident you’ll find something to help you stand out from the remainder of the horde shambling around this Halloween.
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  1. Bloody Hands Dress Costume Bloody Hands Dress Costume New

    Bloody Hands Dress Costume

    £25.49 £34.99
  2. Dead Flapper Girl Costume Dead Flapper Girl Costume New

    Dead Flapper Girl Costume

    £25.49 £34.99
  3. Zombie 2nd Skin Costume Zombie 2nd Skin Costume New

    Zombie 2nd Skin Costume

    £16.99 £24.99
  4. Bloody Hands Suit Costume Bloody Hands Suit Costume New

    Bloody Hands Suit Costume

    £25.49 £34.99
  5. Zombie Lord Costume Zombie Lord Costume New

    Zombie Lord Costume

    £29.74 £36.99
  6. Zombie Murdered Maid Costume Zombie Murdered Maid Costume New

    Zombie Murdered Maid Costume

    £29.74 £36.99
  7. Zombie Bloody Butcher Costume Zombie Bloody Butcher Costume New

    Zombie Bloody Butcher Costume

    £29.74 £36.99
  8. Bloody Prom Queen Costume Bloody Prom Queen Costume New

    Bloody Prom Queen Costume

    £24.64 £30.99
  9. Piggyback Zombie Costume

    £42.49 £49.99
  10. Zombie Prisoner Man Costume

    £14.44 £16.99
  11. Zombie Prisoner Lady

    £11.04 £12.99
  12. Deluxe Groom Costume

    £28.89 £33.99