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Tights Stockings and Knickers

Here at Hollywood, we’ve long thought that it’s the little things which separate a good Hallowe’en costume from a great one. Ladies looking to lend their Hallowe’en outfits that extra-special final touch will be pleased to learn that we’ve got an extensive range of legwear to keep your limbs toasty on a cold evening in October – and plenty to make sure that your outfit looks appropriately spectacular, too.

On these pages you’ll find a vast and varied selection of tights – coming in every style and colour imaginable. Whether you’re after a black and coloured striped set of opaque tights, or a more risqué set of white over-the-knee stockings, or even a classic pair of fishnet leggings, we’ve got something which will suit. So take a look through our range and you’re sure to find a set of tights to match any outfit! And if you want to match your stockings with some exceptionally short shorts, we have some of those, too.

And if you’re thinking that this section is just for the ladies, then you’d be only mostly right. Inside these pages you’ll find some sets of tights geared explicitly toward the male of the species. Just use the gender filters to refine your search and see!
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  1. Black Tutu Black Tutu New

    Black Tutu

    Special Price £7.64 Regular Price £8.99 £12.99
  2. Fishnet Skull Tights Fishnet Skull Tights New

    Fishnet Skull Tights

    Special Price £3.39 Regular Price £3.99 £4.99
  3. Cheerleader Opaque Hold Ups Cheerleader Opaque Hold Ups New

    Cheerleader Opaque Hold Ups

    Special Price £4.24 Regular Price £4.99 £6.99
  4. Zombie Attack Opaque Tights Zombie Attack Opaque Tights New

    Zombie Attack Opaque Tights

    Special Price £5.94 Regular Price £6.99 £8.99
  5. Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Purple Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Purple New

    Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Purple

    Special Price £5.94 Regular Price £6.99 £7.99
  6. Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Red Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Red New

    Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Red

    Special Price £5.94 Regular Price £6.99 £7.99
  7. Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Beige Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Beige New

    Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Beige

    Special Price £5.94 Regular Price £6.99 £7.99
  8. Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Pink Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Pink New

    Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Pink

    Special Price £5.94 Regular Price £6.99 £7.99
  9. Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Black Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Black New

    Fishnet Stocking Glitter, Black

    Special Price £5.94 Regular Price £6.99 £7.99
  10. Blood Splatter Socks Blood Splatter Socks New

    Blood Splatter Socks

    Special Price £3.39 Regular Price £3.99 £4.99
  11. Red Opaque Girls Tights

    Special Price £3.39 Regular Price £3.99 £4.99
  12. Green Opaque Girls Tights

    Special Price £3.39 Regular Price £3.99 £4.99