This Halloween, Hollywood is serving up some grizzly characters that'll put anyone off their food! Back in stock this Halloween to dish out some horror, it’s the chefs of Hell’s Kitchen! And no we don’t mean Gordon Ramsay; he seems as sweet as a kitten in comparison to this lot! So for those with a more sensitive stomach, you may want to look away…

Check out Hell’s Kitchen’s Deadly Chef Costume; labelled “The Family Butcher”, he’s certainly not one you’ll want to introduce your family to! Or for the ladies, why not try our Bloody Chef Costume complete with a “Kiss the Cook!” hat, though in this costume you’d be hard pressed to find someone brave enough to try! Don’t forget those all-important chef tools like a Blooded Kitchen Cleaver, and your Halloween costume can't possibly be complete without some Fake Blood!

[caption id="attachment_339" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="That looks infected..."][/caption]


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