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Witches Costumes

Cauldron, cauldron, boil and bubble, make a costume to cause trouble, make it fierce, to make them scream, when I step out this Halloween! Here at Hollywood Fancy Dress we are seriously into our scares, and theres not a costume more iconic than the witch costume. Witches have been famously been the undoing of many a men for hundreds of years, and with this collection I don't think its going to be stopping anytime soon. We have plus size witch costumes, sexy fitted witch dresses, sorceress costumes, Burlesque Witch costumes, Wicked Witch costumes and even a few Hagged Crone Witch outfits too. So before you gather the girls for a magical night out, take a look at this section, I think you'll find it spellbinding...
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  1. Alluring Purple Witch

    As low as £19.54 Regular Price £22.99 £22.99
  2. Deluxe Moon & Stars Witch Costume

    As low as £33.99 £39.99
  3. Black Widow Costume

    As low as £16.99 £19.99
  4. Deluxe Witch Craft Costume

    As low as £29.74 £34.99
  5. Fever Moon & Stars Witch Costume

    As low as £21.24 £24.99
  6. Deluxe Black Magic Ouija Witch Costume

    As low as £29.74 £34.99
  7. Deluxe Midnight Witch Costume

    As low as £31.44 £36.99
  8. Deluxe Emerald Witch Costume

    As low as £31.44 £36.99
  9. White Cauldron Witch Costume White Cauldron Witch Costume Sale

    White Cauldron Witch Costume

    As low as £12.99 £19.99
  10. Black Cauldron Witch Costume

    As low as £14.44 £19.99
  11. Witchy Witch Costume XLRG Witchy Witch Costume XLRG Sale

    Witchy Witch Costume XLRG

    As low as £19.99 £29.99
  12. Curves Witch Costume

    As low as £21.24 £29.99