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Hollywood Fancy Dress Costumes, Party Supplies,

Balloons, Fireworks and Halloween Costume Ideas



Fancy Dress Costumes

For ladies and mens fancy dress look no further as no one does Fancy Dress quite like Hollywood Fancy Dress, click here for everything you need to transform yourself in an instant for themed outfits, funny suits, onesies, skin suits plus so much more!

Opposuit Collection

Starring Opposuit
£59.99 (£69.99)

Opposuit Collection

Poker Face Opposuit
£59.99 (£69.99)

Opposuit Collection

Testival Opposuit
£59.99 (£69.99)

Festival Costume Ideas

Festival Costume Collection

Look out Glastonbury, Bestival, Isle of Wight and Download! Head to these brilliant Summer festivals in style and have a laugh with friends! With so many awesome ideas to dress as, there will be no excuse as to why you aren't dressed up! Why not be a teletubbie? A clownfish? Mario or Luigi? With so many to choose from, it will be fun just to browse!

70s Disco Fever Collection

1970's Floppy Sunflower Hat
£4.99 (£6.99)

Hawaiian Luau Collection

Turquoise Surf Hawaiian Shirt
£12.99 (£14.99)

Icons and Idols Collection

Cheerleader Costume
£19.99 (£22.99)

Party Poncho Costume Collection

Party Ponchos Collection

Ducks, Penguins, Parrots, Cows, Giraffes, Tigers, Flowers, Zebras, Leopards and even Frogs! Whatever you favourite animal may be I'm sure we will please all with these brilliant Party Ponchos! Perfect for the lovely, yet typical British weather this Summer and for partying at festivals!

Animal Costumes Animal Onesies

Animal Costume Collection

Don't go into the Jungle alone! Hunt your way through this brilliant Party Animal category as you search for your desired animal! From Monkeys to Sharks and Giraffes to Zebras! If you are in need of a walk on the wild side then now is your chance! Unleash the animal in you!

Adult Mascot Fancy Dress Costume

Fox Costume, Big Head
£40.49 (£49.99)

Party Animals

Vulture Costume
£44.99 (£69.99)

Animals Collection

Lion Fancy Dress Costume Big Head
£44.99 (£49.99)

Pirates Costumes

Pirate Costume Collection

Arghhh me hearties! Look out for ye' olde Blackbeard or the ferocious Captain Barbosa! Go sailing the seven seas in search for buried treasure and live the ultimate pirate life. From Pirate wenches to glamorous pirates and bold buccaneers, here come the smuggling pirates!

Pirate Costume Collection

Pirate Man Costume
£16.99 (£19.99)

Naughty Pirate Lady Costume

Naughty Pirate Lady Costume
£25.19 (£32.99)

Includes Shirt With Attached Vest, Trousers, Belt And Headband

Carribean Pirate Costume
£25.19 (£32.99)

Heroes Villains Icons Costumes

Heroes & Villains Costumes

Pow!! Ka-bang!! Look out the heroes are versing the villains! Who is your favourite Superhero? Is it perhaps the brilliant Captain America or Cat woman? Or maybe you are more of a villain yourself. Well in that case is your favourite the Joker or Harley Quinn? Well regardless this is the place for your favourite being that possesses supernatural powers.. for good or for evil!

Disney Collection

Mrs Incredible Costume
£49.99 (£54.99)

The Dark Knight Rises Collection

The Joker Costume
£39.99 (£44.99)

DC Classics Collection

Wonderwoman Sparkle Costume
£34.99 (£39.99)

Mens Fancy Dress Costumes

Mens Fancy Dress Costumes

Here at Hollywood, its the boys who like to make the noise, whether on a stag, at a birthday or a new years party, we have the perfect costume for the discerning chap. Come on hunks, get on down to Hollywood and show the ladies how you do!

Star Wars Collection

Darth Vader 2nd Skin Costume
£35.00 (£43.99)

Star Wars Collection

Boba Fett 2nd Skin Costume
£35.00 (£43.99)

Star Wars Collection

Darth Maul 2nd Skin Costume
£35.00 (£43.99)

Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes

Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes

Ladies you will be blown away with the vast range of fancy dress outfits available from all eras, characters, eras and even sexy costumes that will keep the opposite sex' eyes on you.


Kids Fancy Dress

Hundreds of fantastic children's storybook characters to choose from this World Book Day! For the girls we have a selection of sparkling princesses and the boys brave knights.So look no further mums and dads! Hollywood have the right costume for your little characters.

Children's Historical Range

WW2 Army Girl Costume
£13.99 (£17.99)

Boys Adventure Collection

Surgeon Boy Costume
£11.99 (£14.99)

Disney Collection

Periwinkle Fairy Costume
£19.99 (£24.99)

Cartoon Character Costumes

Cartoon Character Costumes

Hollywood's fantastic range of cartoon character costumes now released ! Watch this space for new arrivals arriving on a regular basis which are sure to make any party a fun and exciting experience. Dress to impress with Hollywood's!

Disney Collection

Mickey Mouse Costume
£49.99 (£54.99)

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Young Dress Costume
£28.79 (£31.99)

Licensed Hanna-Barbera Collection

Captain Caveman Costume
£35.99 (£42.99)

1940s Fancy Dress Costumes

1940's Costume Collection

Show of your patriotic side and head back to the days of WW2 with these brilliant 1940's costumes for men and woman! You will also find the treasures that the 1940's brought us, such as the Wizard of Oz and certain Superheroes! Dress with the 40's style in mind and prepare to impress!

1940s Wartime Collection

Retro Officer Woman Costume
£22.49 (£26.99)

1940s Wartime Collection

American GI Costume
£26.09 (£30.99)

1940s Wartime Collection

1940s Factory Girl Costume
£21.59 (£25.99)

1920s Fancy Dress Costumes

1920's Costume Collection

Dazzle and sparkle in the glitzy glamour that is old Hollywood! If you have always wanted to recreate the Great Gatsby then the 20's is your Era! From flirty flapper costumes to Casino gals and gentleman gangsters to 20's bathers! The 20's is a much sophisticated era and a loved one at that!

1980s Fancy Dress Costumes

1980s Fancy Dress Costumes

The eighties was an era of new romantics, yuppies, big shoulder pads, the time that style and taste forgot-so they say! with amazing hair and bad clothes we have everything to dress you up from rock stars to being a wild child whether Prince or Top Gun Pilot we have costumes and accessories to bring the 80s Back to The Future !!

Honey Monster

Honey Monster Costume
£47.69 (£59.99)

Cyndi Lauper, Punk or Hip Hop Style

Sequinned Mesh Black Top
£17.99 (£19.99)

80s Costume Collection

80's Fun Girl Costume
£32.99 (£36.99)

1970s Fancy Dress Costumes

1970s Fancy Dress Costumes

The seventies was a dazzling, glitzy era with disco and dancing, pimps and platforms ! We have subtle to loud costumes to suit all, whether you're wanting to get into glam rock or be THE disco diva, our amazing costume collection along with loads of accessories to bling up your outfit is sure to be found here !

60s Groovy Baby Collection

Seventies Hippy Specs
£2.69 (£4.99)

1970s Disco Fever Collection

Blonde 70's Flick Wig
£11.69 (£14.99)

1970's Medallion Gold On Chain
£7.19 (£7.99)


Fancy Dress Costumes

Party into 2014 with an oustanding mens fancy dress costume with some brill characters and creations to see in this New Year !

Medieval Costumes

Medieval Costumes

Travel back in time to days of olde, looking for a new take on an old classic then this legendary range is just for you.


Fancy Dress Accessories

Add the finishing touches to any costume from Hollywood's huge selection of fantastic fancy dress costume accessories! Every embellishment you can imagine can be found here, so why not have a scroll through you never know what you might find.

Hat Collection

Distressed Adventurer Hat
£4.99 (£6.99)

The Wild West Collection

Large Multi-coloured Sombrero Hat
£7.99 (£9.99)

Bow Tie

Western Bow Tie
£3.59 (£3.99)

Ladies Sexy Costumes

Ladies Sexy Costumes

Whether it is for an awesome night out or an evening in with your partner, these breath-taking sexy ladies costumes will completely blow away anyone who sees them! Whoever or whatever you want to be, let us fulfil your fantasy!


Beer Bongs

Chug, chug, chug!Attention students! This terms must have has arrived at Hollywood Party Centre!These beer bongs will liven up every party. Attempt the Bongzilla and you will be the envy of everyone on campus. Make yours the place to be for parties!

Head Rush Bongzilla Beer Bong for 6.

Bongzilla Beer Bong
£69.99 (£79.99)

Head Rush Beer Bottle Bong

Bottle Beer Bong
£3.59 (£5.99)

Beer Bong Collection

Bong-Go Mini Beer Bong
£9.99 (£11.99)

Absolute Fireworks

Absolute Fireworks

ROCKETSHollywood Fireworks offers a selection of rockets from small rockets to BIG ROCKETS, so if you want your Guy Fawkes night to go with a small bang or large boom you know the perfect place to come to reach new heights !!

Brothers Pyrotechnics

Brothers Pyrotechnics

BARRAGESHollywoods fireworks barrages, cakes and single ignition boxes are a fantastic way to start or end any party. From small bore to big bore, from 16 shot to 4000 shot they are all available now to buy in-store or reserve and pay on-line to avoid disappointment !!

Brothers Fireworks

Nuclear Demolition Fireworks
£79.99 (£84.99)

Brothers Fireworks

Devastation Fireworks
£150.00 (£179.99)

Brothers Pyrotechnics Fireworks Collect In Store Only

Hercules I 107 Shot Barrage Firework
£89.99 (£94.99)

Bright Star Fireworks

Bright Star Fireworks

SELECTION BOXESFireworks selection boxes at Hollywoods come in all shapes and sizes but most of all whatever the size there is sure to be a selection box for any fireworks night in your garden !


Fireworks To Buy

FOUNTAINS AND MINESFountain and mine fireworks are always a popular part of any firework display. Many people associate fountains with the tiny ones in the selection packs, tut,tut not here, here at Hollywoods we have some impressive fountains that will light up your night !!

Mens Halloween Costumes

Mens Halloween Costumes

The 2013 Mens Halloween Costume Collection at Hollywood is an excellent selection with over 400 new lines including the new Zombie Alley, National Horror Service, Steam Punk, Ghost Ship, Haunted Court, High School Horror, Cirque Sinister and Theatre macabre Collections, this years choice will be second to none. Order your Halloween costume now so not to be disappointed !

Zombie Alley Costume Collection

Zombie Bavarian Male Costume
£24.99 (£26.99)

Cirque Sinister Collection

Sinister Ringmaster Costume
£39.99 (£42.99)

Tomb of Doom Costume Collection

Anubis the Jackal Costume
£39.99 (£44.99)

Ladies Halloween Costumes

Ladies Halloween Costumes

Let Hollywood take the horror out of choosing your perfect Halloween costume! Ladies, women, girls come and find your perfect costume this year with our superb range of fantastic Ladies Halloween costumes to suit all tastes, budgets and sizes, you are sure to find your perfect outfit for this upcoming All Hallows Eve.

Fever Boutique Collection

Fever Skeleton Costume
£34.99 (£37.99)

Zombie Alley Costume Collection

Zombie Hooded Beauty Costume
£29.99 (£34.99)

Tomb of Doom Costume Collection

Bastet the Cat Goddess Costume
£39.99 (£44.99)

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween Sexy Ladies Costumes - Dress to impress this Halloween and make that statement by viewing our sexy range of ladies Halloween costumes with the choice having never been more sexy and daring. Spice up your Halloween with our distinctive Fever range including costumes from a sexy skeleton to a vampire Princess plus the Zombie Alley sexy costume collection !

Zombie Alley Halloween Costumes

Zombie Alley Halloween Costumes

Scare the living daylights out of your friends and loved ones with a fab Halloween zombie costume from our extensive selection.

Zombie Alley Costume Collection

Zombie Malice Costume
£29.99 (£32.99)

Includes Top, Trousers, Gloves And Mask

Zombie Decayed Man Costume
£40.49 (£49.99)

Zombie Alley Costume Collection

Zombie Policewoman Costume
£19.79 (£24.99)

Skeleton Costumes for Men

Skeleton Costumes For Men

Going weak at the knees?Not surprised with the continuous knee knocking going on with the skeletor remains of all these mens skeleton costumes.

National Horror Service Costumes

National Horror Service Costumes

Blood donor...just what we need, more patients to register with the National Horror Service as everyone needs to eat !

Blood and Body Parts

Blood And Body Parts

Accessorise your costume or party with blood and fake body parts to give a great blood splattering all round.

Halloween Costume Accessories

Halloween Costume Accessories

Complete your Halloween outfit with a great selection of accessories including jewellery, contact lenses to get that evil eyed look and what must be some of the best adult Halloween masks in the UK, a huge selection of make up, scars, wounds, blood, anything and everything you need for this Halloween plus many props and decorations to decorate that special scary venue.

Black Stiched Up Choker

Stiched Up Choker
£6.29 (£8.99)

Scream Knife

Glow in the Dark Scream Knife
£1.79 (£1.99)

Plastic Heart And Brain Jelly Moulds

Halloween Jelly Mould Set
£3.59 (£5.99)

Fancy Dress Costumes and Dress Up Experts

Hollywood Fancy Dress is a family run business with 3 High Street shops on the south coast of England, with an online 24 hour shop as well. 

Selling a whole lotta fun to all who love to dress up, costumes for all budgets, ladies fancy dress costumes, mens fancy dress costumes, childrens fancy dress costumes, fancy dress costume accessories, wigs, party supplies, balloons, tableware, fireworks.

Throughout Dorset and Hampshire including Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Salisbury, Ringwood, Winchester, Dorchester and the New Forest our customers yearn to visit our 3 fun party shops which have a monster selection of fancy dress costumes, wigs, face paint, masquerade masks, party balloons and a fantastic selection of fireworks on sale all year around.

Hollywood Fancy Dress brings a whole lotta fun to however, whenever and wherever you party. From the summer festivals through to Halloween season and bringing the year to a big bang with New Year bashes, a fantastic range from Hawaiian costumes to garlands and grass skirts. To the amazng Halloween costumes through to the fantastic range of superhero costumes, zoo animal costumes, comical, funny, daring and outrageous costumes. Finish off with a superb rocket from our huge selection of fireworks to light the sky at the end of the year and light up everyones faces.

For store information

To find out more about Hollywood please visit our Why Hollywood? page


A selection of great value fancy dress costumes, service with a smile, committed to excellent customer service, dedicated to offering a huge and different selection of fancy dress goods, fast and efficient despatch for next day delivery and fun advice on how to be inspired to find whatever or whoever you want to be.


01202 532331 OR 01202 532262 

Hollywood Fancy Dress Costumes, Wigs, Party Supplies, Balloons and Fireworks


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