The 31st is only one day away! For those who haven't already spent their weekend dressed up in awesome creative costumes and covered their bodies from head to toe in fake blood, well we're still routing for the official Halloween day tomorrow! We know you students will be out this week celebrating Halloween in all your glory! Maybe you're going for an out-of-the-ordinary Tuesday night out... well if you're doing any of the above, or simply having a quiet night in with some Halloween chocolates and treats... make sure you're ready with all your favourite decorations, costumes and make up! We have so much in store, you honestly will not believe your eyes once you walk through our doors!

Just a reminder, we are open today until 6pm and tomorrow 9am - 7pm, so don't worry, you can get what you need in time!





Halloween... don't think, just follow your dreams and go to Hollywood Fancy Dress today!