Are you a massive Abba fan and live on the South Coast? Well then you are in luck! Abba is coming to town!!! ... Well kinda. On the 3rd of February 'Thank ABBA for the Music' will be performing at the Bournemouth Pavilion. So if you are a hardcore fan - now is your time to geek out!!

Abba fantastic.

You should be ecstatic if you are a fan!! Does this mean you should dress up and pay your own tribute to the pop group? Well yes!! Obviously! When else will you get the chance to crack out the sequinned jumpsuits and star shaped glasses? So if you are going to dress up like a boss what kind of attire is appropriate? Anything Abba inspired of course! Lucky for you we have this brilliant Blue Dancing Queen costume - which is also available in Pink if you were going to go as a pair!


This brilliant outfit comes complete with Blue Jumpsuit with Silver Star detail... which is important of course for that epic 70's look!

Male outfits?

Are you a secret Abba fan or have no shame and couldn't care less - and are male of course... then we can also help you out with a costume! This genius Super Trooper outfit for men is just the attire for you! It comes complete with a White and Red Shirt and Matching Flared Trousers. I must comment that it is actually quite a popular favourite for 1970s fancy dress! Can you really blame people? It's certainly got style - the groovy kind.


Would rather accessorize?

If you are still not convinced about dressing up we have an answer for that. Accessorize! Grab a sparkly Afro or long blonde wig and funk it out at the show! Or if that is still a little to 'crazy' for you grab a pair of star shaped glasses and look the part among the crowd!

So come on Abba lovers! Now is your chance to relive the best time in your life! For more information and to buy tickets visit here:-