With pride month well under way, we look forward to our local pride event Bourne Free Pride. Where the streets of Bournemouth will be ablaze with rainbows. This exciting event is on the weekend of 7th and 8th July. With a host of events happening all weekend, there are plenty of opportunities to show your rainbow, including the parade on the Saturday.

What is Pride Month?

Pride month is celebrated every year to mark the date and show respect for the individuals involved in the Stonewall Uprising in 1969. The uprising led to changes in the law. This allowing the gay and lesbian communities to be protected by law, While decriminalising same sex relationships.

So what does Hollywood Fancy Dress have for you to dress and impress. We have everything from flags to full costumes. So come into your local store and buy some rainbows for a pride without prejudice.

Bourne Free Pride Costume Ideas

Bourne Free Pride Suit
Rainbow Pride Suit
Bourne Free Pride Dress
Ladies Rainbow Pride Flapper
Bourne Free Pride Jacket
Men's Rainbow Jacket and Tie
Bourne Free Pride Cape
Short Rainbow Cape
Bourne Free Pride Wearable Flag
Wearable Flag

What About The Accessories!

Not wanting to go all out then why not grab some accessories from hats to face paints and everything in between.

Not forgetting the Pride flags, which have changed over the years to reflect the diversity that is LGBTQ+

Bourne Free Pride Flag
Original Pride Flag
LGBTQ+ Bourne Free Pride Flag
Pride Flag

So whether you are watching the parade or going to the events at Meyrick Park, Hollywood Fancy Dress has all of your rainbow needs.