Dorset Neon Run 2018

Dorset Neon Run: The Technicolor fun run is back in Poole on the 21st of April. The 5 k track center's round Poole Park and is run a night so that the beauty of everyone’s efforts can really glow. It’s open to anyone aged 12 and over and there’s still time to sign up!

What To Wear

 For those already going and training for this exciting night, we have loads of great must haves for the event and with our accessories; you will truly light up the track.


Let your inner 80’s loose with a great excuse to relive those neon painted years we would rather forget. Our 1980’s themed costumes and accessories are beaming through the whole store! There’s Tutus, Fishnet tops, Necklaces and bracelets all bright enough to make even Boy George wonder what on earth he was thinking. This crazy coloured party animal dress is straight out of an 80’s catalog and will definitely make you stand out.



Wig It Out

Why not go crazy and rock out a brightly coloured wig to let everyone know you mean business. We have a beautiful selection of Fever wigs now in stock. The mad colours are available in all the colours of the rainbow.


The body Paint

Don’t forget to paint your face and body with brightly coloured face paints and body spray. Not only that but we now have glow in the dark and UV activated accessories in stock! With everything from UV nail polish to lipstick, you’ll be blinding the other runners with colours. Glow in the Dark Face and Body paint is available in loads of exciting colours! 

From The Sidelines

For those supporting and watching from the sidelines, there’s no need to feel left out. Why not dress up too as you cheer on those wacky looking runners. Or even better, cover them in bright neon Powder Shooters! These shooter work just like confetti cannons and cover you and anyone close to you in a non-toxic colourful powder. It’s a messy and fun way to light up this amazing run.


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