Def Con 5No really, you should go! Def Con 5 is everything your inner Star Wars nerd could want in a convention and you get to enjoy it over a whole weekend on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October!

Def Con 5

Nerdageddon is the biggest name in the south when it comes to movie and comic themed events. Don’t be fooled by the name, Def Con 5 will be just as extreme as the 4 before it were! As always, the fun won’t just be Star Wars related. There will be all kinds of sci-fi fun and games to enjoy including visits from a trio of Red Dwarf actors Norman Lovett, Chris Barrie and our personal favourite; Robert Llewellyn (You may also remember him as the best host of Scrapheap Challenge ever)! There will be stalls as far as the eye can see filled with comics, memorabilia and plenty more to keep you occupied. If you have little ones to entertain, you’ll have no trouble as there will be a bouncy castle and face painters too! Sunday is where the real Star Wars fun happens including special displays, so make sure you purchase a weekend ticket! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best part of Def Con, now would you?

The Empire Strikes Back!

If Def Con 5 sounds like your kind of convention then make sure you get your tickets now! Mark Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th on your calendars and get the whole family together. Of course, where else could you hold a Star Wars related convention than the Empire Hall in Southampton? With great access via road and train you can come from just about anywhere to get in on the action!

If you’re looking to gear up for the event then be sure to pop in to your nearest Hollywood store. If you’re local to Southampton then it’s just around the corner on Queens Way! You will find a whole host of great character costumes to get you Def Con ready in no time.