Halloween has arrived at Hollywood's!

It's officially September which means it's officially time to get spooky and prepare for Halloween 2020!

Now is the time to find your favourite Halloween outfit for 2020! Let's inspire with the fabulous outfits we have to offer, in-store now!

Ladies' Halloween

Alien Costume | Halloween 2020

This amazing Ladie's Alien Lady Costume comes complete with a Multi-Coloured, Blue and Purple, Metallic Dress with Hooped Skirt, Purple Metallic Leggings, Blue Wristcuffs and a matching Blue Space Bopper Headband to finish off the look.

Alien Lady Costume, a must-have for Halloween or for any space themed event/ party! The latest craze for Halloween!

Pirate Wench | Halloween 2020

This scary Zombie Pirate Wench T-Shirt is a must-have for any lady looking to command a living-dead fleet! This bloody shirt is Green with Sublimation Print. Scare the deadly crew in this Halloween outfit!

Curves Vampire | Halloween 2020

This seductive ladies Curves Vamp costume is ideal for any bigger lady! This brilliant costume is guaranteed to make you stand out this Halloween as the sexiest Vampire around! Comes complete with a gorgeous black, long dress with leg split and draped sleeves that are sure to compliment your curves! From the new Curves Collection. Cast your love bite on that special someone! Also looks stunning for any occasion!

This gorgeous Glitter Witch costume is ideal for any teenager looking to cast a spell on everyone at the next Halloween party! This lovely costume comes complete with a black dress with glitter on the skirt and collar. Also includes a matching mini glitter, pointed witch's hat on headband to finish the spell binding look! There has never been a more prettier witch's outfit. Therefore it's the perfect thing for Halloween 2020!

Roll on more Ladies' Costumes!

Are you invited to a Halloween fancy dress party and want to dress to impress? This gorgeous costume includes a black-leather look, mid-length dress with long sleeves and high neck. The shiny material is printed with a full 3D x-ray skeleton, detailing grey shadowed ribs, pelvis, arms and thigh bones. The leather-look skeleton dress zips up at the back, allowing you to get changed easily into this body-hugging fancy dress costume.

Step out the x-ray room and wear your bones on your sleeves, literally. This 3D skeleton designed, wet look dress will get heads turning in your direction. Therefore it's a no brainer with this outfit!

Skeleton Galore!!

Here at Hollywood, we like to mix things up on occasion. That’s why, as well as stocking a huge and varied catalogue of different weird and wonderful costumes – which can transform wearers into all manner of wonderful and terrifying things – we also stock clothes which are a little more subtle. These are the items which carry a theme without turning the wearer into anything other than themselves. Clothes which you can happily wear all year round if your taste tends slightly toward the macabre!

Among these items is this shift dress, which is ideal for anyone looking to celebrate Halloween or the Day of the Dead in style. It consists of a black dress, with a ribcage, spine, pelvis and upper legs printed on top in glittering silver. So, if you’re looking to get things looking appropriately ghoulish – but want to do so with a little bit of style – then take a look at this elegant dress. It’s sure to go down a storm at any Halloween party – or, indeed, any party at all! And, what’s more, if you’re looking to make this great outfit even greater, then why not consider some of our extensive range of accessories, including dark wigs, makeup and eyelashes.

Men's Halloween

X-Ray Skinz Costume. This brilliant X-Ray Skinz Costume is ideal for anyone this Halloween! It's Black and Blue with an X-Ray Print Second Skin Suit. Show off all your bones with this brilliant Horror outfit! A must-have for Halloween!

Biohazard | Halloween 2020

Men's Halloween Fancy Dress Biohazard Suit Costume. The chemical reactor has failed and all the employees are coming back to life, take over the world as a zombie Biohazard worker.

This costume is a white bio hazard suit with green zombie parts, attached hood and bio mask. The suit has the bio hazard symbol printed on the front.

This costume is available in men's size, medium, large and extra large.

Also, one last question... will you be infected by the zombies?

This creepy Zombie High Priest Costume is a must-have for any gent looking to get sinister and holy this Halloween! This scary outfit comes complete with a Black, Blood-stained Tunic and Cross Necklace to finish off the look. Be frightfully religious! Also a must-have for Halloween 2020...

Even More Men's...

This brilliant Day of the Dead Clown Costume is ideal for anyone looking to dress as a Clown! It comes complete with a Multi-Coloured Jumpsuit with Skull Print and a matching EVA Mask with Hair to finish off the look.

Wrestler Costume | Halloween 2020

Wrestling (the sort that involves oil-smothered pectorals, foldable furniture and elbows from the sky) is a dangerous business. But, of these, zombification is undoubtedly among the most severe. Zombification will severely limit one’s ability to impact the mat without one’s limbs becoming detached, or one’s internal organs becoming rather more external. Fortunately, being a zombie also affords one the ability to soldier on through even the most debilitating of injuries.

If you’d like to be this most formidable variety of zombie this Halloween, then look no further than this fantastic zombie wrestler attire. It’s ideal for any man looking to make a big entrance this Halloween as a zombie pro. The costume consists of a blue, ripped bodysuit, a latex half-face mask, and even the leg and arm cuffs so beloved of professional wrestlers. And remember, zombies aren’t known for their impressive musculature, so you needn’t be a hulking behemoth in order to carry the look off. So what are you waiting for? Slip into this costume and deliver some Halloween smackdown.

Zombie Dwarf!!

If you’ve always been tempted to secure yourself a snow-white costume this Halloween, and yet feel that none of the costumes are appropriately gruesome, then we have just the costume for you. Have you ever imagined what might have happened if the seven dwarf's had, instead of mining, dining and singing ‘hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go’, had contracted a highly-contagious, mind-numbing, flesh-eating virus? We’d wager that the story would have turned out quite differently. It’s quite difficult to whistle while you work when your lips have fallen off.

Well, you need imagine no longer, because this zombie dwarf costume is here to help make that vision a reality. This fancy dress costume consists of a short-sleeved red top with blue waistcoat and orange trousers. The top and waistcoat are splattered with blood and detail ragged torn hems to give it that deathly look. The trousers have an elasticated waist, with one leg shorter than the other and torn ankles.


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