New Years Eve Fireworks 2019/2020

Get ready for New Years Eve now and start the New Year off with a BANG with some fabulous fireworks!

Light New Years GIF by Faith Holland

Fireworks: Rockets

Let's start off the night with some raving rockets!

First Blood Rockets Pack of 4, , pack of four gigantic rockets, with effects including, dazzling red and solver glitter, crackling brocade, multi coloured pistil and an amazing shaped effect rocket makes this pack stand out from the rest.

First Blood Rockets | New Years Fireworks

Dark Angel is a terrifyingly good 9 Rocket Pack with a lot of bang for the money! Featuring 9 different effects in the one pack, each rocket is jaw dropping with a mix of impact, colour and hang time.

Effects include Brocade Crown with red Strobe, King Brocade with Gold Strobe, Red Strobe Willow with Blue stars and more.

Dark Angel Rockets | New Years Fireworks

From the smallest to the largest rocket in the pack, Strike Force doesn’t hold back with effects or noise. This fantastic pack of 15 rockets will surely brighten up any party!

First Blood Rockets

This collection of high noise rockets feature exciting explosion patterns and incredible colours, these would be the perfect addition to any display show or on their own for any major event or gathering. Pack Includes 5 rockets with 2X Moon Burst, 1X Solar Flare, 1X Lunar Plume and 1X Titan.

The Nuts Rockets | New Years Fireworks

King Dom Rockets, pack of 6 - THE rockets to have for Fireworks night ! Seriously dominate the skies with the leader of all rocket selections. They are so beastly we had to cage them..!Blow your mates away and take this to your party.. guaranteed to impress.


King Dom Rockets | New Years Fireworks

The King rocket is a big bang firework. Yes, IT's BACK! This Rocket puts others to shame, The King has demanded his place back on his throne, and we really don't want to argue! Better then ever! Be prepared to be blown away!

The King Rocket | New Years Fireworks

Make everyone's day with this fantastic Silly Cow 5 piece firework rocket set! This brilliant set includes 5 rockets with a cow design. Effects: (A) Silver glitter with red wave. (B) Silver glitter with green wave. (C) Silver glitter with brocade. (D) Brocade. (E) Crackling peony.

Silly Cow Rockets | New Years Fireworks

Blast Off 12 Pack of Rockets Firework. These fantastic rockets are a must-have for anyone looking to set New Years Eve off with a BANG!

Pack contains 12 rockets all with their own lively colour and effect.

Blast Off Rockets | New Years Fireworks

Power Pulse 24 Rocket Pack from Bright Star Fireworks, just the rockets for New Years Eve - they certainly pack a punch!

Power Pulse Rockets | New Years Fireworks

Flying pigs rockets. 5 rockets set. Effects: (a) red peony with spiralling comet tail (b) green peony with spiralling comet tail (c) blue peony with spiralling comet tail (d) silver glitter with spiralling comet tail (e) chrysanthemum with spiralling comet tail. Start your party off with a bang with these genius rockets and guess what... now pigs can fly!

Flying Pigs Rockets | New Years Fireworks

Fireworks: Barrages

Time for the bodacious and bright barrages!

T-Rex 100 Shot Barrage Firework. This fantastic Firework Barrage is a must-have for anyone looking to set Bonfire Night off with a BANG! Also ideal for New Years Eve.

T-Rex Barrage | New Years Fireworks

Big Ben Countdown 37 Shot Barrage. A blitz of multi-effects. Brightly coloured fireballs and thunderous booms.This is a whopping awesome New Years Eve firework! It crackles and shimmers and razzle-dazzles its way through the countdown 3....2....1.... Happy New Year!

Countdown Barrage | New Years Fireworks

Ion Storm 200 Shot Barrage. A rapid fire of colour pearls and star bursts mixed with loud reports. An excellent finale to any display.

Ion Storm | New Years Fireworks

Armageddon Barrage of Bright Star Fireworks, single ignition barrage with 500 individual shots that has a range of colourful effects, colour bursts, comet tails, whistles, crackles and loud air bombs provide the ultimate finale! 'The end of the World is Nigh'.

Armageddon Barrage | New Years Fireworks

It would be a crime to not see The God Father 3 barrage 188 shot Firework Display Kit that can be fired separately or joined together to make one almighty legendary gangster style firework events. High noise but well worth every bang, boom and all 3 minutes of action.

The God Father Display Kit | New Years Fireworks

Even more Barrages!

This brilliant ROCK U 50 Shot Barrage Firework's name 'ROCK U' came from the firework resembling the iconic "we will rock you" song. If you watch the video carefully, you will see what we mean.

Party into the New Year with this barrage!

Rock U Barrage | New Years Fireworks

Looking for a great display in a box, then this barrage selection pack is what you need. Impress your neighbours with this high noise fireworks

This pack comes with 8 Barrages 6 small barrages with 12 shots in and 2 large barrages with 25 shots, making it a total of 122 shots, all with their own unique style and name.

Django Barrage Set | New Years Fireworks

Marvel at the effects of Endgame, a 125 Shot multi-effect single ignition which has dazzling effects, varied firing pattern (straight and fan shaped) and an outstanding duration at approx. 1min 20sec!

Effects include Red, Green and Blue Stars, White Strobes, Red Coconut, Brocade Crown with Blue Tails and more.

Endgame Barrage | New Years Fireworks

Fireworks: Selection Boxes

Calypso Firework Selection Box that is jammed packed of fireworks for you to choose from - including Roman Candles, Fountains, Mines, Shot Cakes, Catherine Wheels, and Rockets, 36 Fireworks. From Bright Star Fireworks.

Calypso Selection Box | New Years Fireworks

Aerial Attack Firework Selection Box From Bright Star Fireworks. This Selection Box has 22 illuminating Fireworks! It fills the sky with noise and colour to light up any party.

Aerial Attack | New Years Fireworks

Monster Selection Box From Bright Star Fireworks. The smallest of our range of selection Boxes designed with children in mind as it contains no bangs. Fantastic Price. Contains 13 fireworks.

Monster Selection Box | New Years Fireworks

Bonfire Fantasy 25 piece firework selection box. Comes with a variety of , fountains, roman candles and the all important Catherine wheels. Another brilliant selection box from the skycraft collection.

Bonfire Fantasy | New Years Fireworks

This brilliant Wildfire Selection Box is ideal for anyone looking to finish off a firework display! It contains 35 fireworks! Just the thing to get the party started!

Wildfire Selection Box | New Years Fireworks


The Lava Family Fountain Pack is an ideal option for those who look for low noise. Low level fireworks are ideal for pets and children! This amazing set of firework fountains is not only easy on the ears, but it also produces quite beautiful effects that will amuse and thrill anybody watching them!

The Lava Family Fountain Pack, perfect for that next event!

Lava Fountains | New Years Fireworks

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