It’s time for the biggest end of year blowout on the South coast! We bring you SUBU Summer Ball 2015 and it is set to be HUGE! You've Summer Ballgathered your friends; you've got your tickets now all you need to do is get your costumes!

Summer Ball!

Having fun in fancy dress is what Summer Ball is all about so make sure you get yourself ready as soon as possible. There is no set theme for Summer Ball fancy dress so you can literally be whoever and whatever you choose! The possibilities are endless and there is no limit on how creative you can be. As you can imagine, we've seen some really great Summer Ball costumes over the years and are proud to say that we've contributed to a lot of what you see while you’re partying it up! We thought it was only fair to give you some ideas and pointers to help you choose your fancy dress for this year’s SUBU bash.

CAVESummer Ball

Cavemen and women are a common sight at Summer Ball and it has been a popular choice for group fancy dress year in year out. There are a variety of costumes to choose from here including the stunning new fever cave woman outfit that has just arrived in store. This costume features a stunning halter neck leopard print dress and gorgeous furry boot covers, perfect for looking fun and fierce at the same time! Cave is also great if you want to dress up on a budget, with full costumes from as little as £9.99 for guys and girls and accessories as cheap at £1.99!


You can’t blame people for wanting to pretend they’re in Hawaii and now that the sun is out, it’s the perfect chance to break out the hula gear! This theme is a no brainer for students, because it’s cheap, it’s easy and it can be done in bits and pieces. Pair up a funky grass skirt, flower lei and maybe a shell bra if you’re feeling daring and there you have a fantastic Hawaiian costume and all for under £10! What more could you ask for? There are also some glorious Hawaiian shirts, silly sunglasses and fun inflatables up for grabs for this theme!


Oh yes, it may sound bizarre now, but wait until you’re queuing for the buses... Food costumes are a Summer Ball staple. You’ll see bunches of the classic banana costumes, there will be hilarious couples dressed up as golden fries and tangy ketchup and even a fried egg or two if you’re lucky! You can add a bit of spice to your night in one of our red hot chilli costumes or get a bit fruity with the brand new sweet strawberry costume!


Another student favourite is Wild West because there is so much you can do. Cowboys and girls can dress to impress in full on fancy outfits like something straight out of a John Wayne movie. Or you can keep it budget with some western instant kits that include a cowboy hat, waistcoat and neck scarf, just add some jeans and you’re away! But it’s not just cattle wranglers that fall under the western theme; you can be a Native American Indian too! We have some fantastic Indian chief costumes and some incredible feather headdresses to really set off your outfit.

If you like to think a little more outside the box, then don’t worry, you will be just as spoilt for choice when you come searching for a costume at Hollywood! We have a huge range of fancy dress so you can be just about anything you like. Why not serve up some justice as the legendary Judge Dredd? Or blend into your urban surroundings in our amazing red brick design "Off The Wall" Stand Out Suit?! You need to be the best dressed at the survivor’s photo so go big or go home!