Slinky is hosting The Saints and Sinners Ball on Saturday October 27th at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth! The sleeping giant is awakening to deliver a stunning Halloween experience you will not want to miss!

This event is one of October's hottest, and it seems you guys are already well aware of this fact - the tickets are selling like hotcakes! You'd best get clicking and order your tickets before they're all gone! But don't go just yet. No sense in grabbing tickets if you haven't planned your costume yet!

Lucky for you, Hollywood is stocking all the Saints and Sinners costumes you'll need to make the most of this incredible evening.

For the saintly gentlemen, we offer you this deceptively demure Priest Costume and Ornate Crucufix. But that's boring - we know what you really want, you little devils! You'll be wooing and seducing every succubus at the ball with this gorgeous Sexy Devil Lord Costume, but be sure you don't forget your pitchfork! These ear tips are a nice touch, too.

For the naughty girls, we've got plenty of sexy dresses for you to choose from! In fact, choosing may be the hardest part - each one is as tempting as the last! There's the Wicked Devil Costume, the Red Hot Devil Costume, the Horny Devil Costume - so many devils! Too many, perhaps? Then if you would prefer to attend wearing something more pure, this Nun Costume may just do the trick.

... Nah, forget that - Sister Bliss is what you're looking for!

I could go on, but our range of saints and sinners costumes is just too huge. You're better off checking out our website or popping into one our three stores located in Bournemouth and Southampton to see our entire range. You might be there for a while, though - there's so much to choose from!

And don't forget about our Halloween sale! Now on until the 20th - get your hands on your Saints & Sinners costumes in good time for the ball!