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Inflatable Accessories

Inflate your look with many blow up accessories! Including inflatable sharks, monkeys, kangaroos, guns and fun dolly's. Whether you have a themed party or not, it's not a party without an inflatable !
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  1. Inflatable Baseball Bat Inflatable Baseball Bat New

    Inflatable Baseball Bat

    £2.50 £4.50
    Out of stock
  2. Inflatable Golf Club 90cm Inflatable Golf Club 90cm New

    Inflatable Golf Club 90cm

    £2.99 £4.99
  3. Inflatable Microphone On Stand Inflatable Microphone On Stand New

    Inflatable Microphone On Stand

    £4.99 £9.99
    Out of stock
  4. Flower Power Inflatable Mandolin Flower Power Inflatable Mandolin New

    Flower Power Inflatable Mandolin

    £4.99 £6.99
    Out of stock
  5. Inflatable Hippie Bongo Drums Inflatable Hippie Bongo Drums New

    Inflatable Hippie Bongo Drums

    £5.99 £7.99
    Out of stock
  6. Giant Inflatable CND Giant Inflatable CND New

    Giant Inflatable CND

    £8.99 £11.99
    Out of stock
  7. Inflatable Club Inflatable Club New

    Inflatable Club

    £2.99 £3.99
    Out of stock
  8. Inflatable Flamingo 60cm

    £6.99 £8.99
  9. Inflatable Joint 120cm

    £7.99 £12.99
  10. Inflatable Willy 90cm

    £9.99 £15.99
  11. Inflatable Sword and Shield

    £5.99 £6.99
  12. Inflatable Clown Baseball Bat

    £6.99 £8.99
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