You’re an Elf! Or at least, you should be this year and with so many fantastic costumes to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa’s little helpers keeping the cogs turning behind the scenes. Whether you’re getting dressed up for work, school or just for fun, you need to check out our huge range of elf themed goodies. We have it all from head to toe jumpsuits to funky instant kits, right down to the elf boots on your feet!

Elf Yourself!

First off, let’s treat you to a peek at some new stuff! This great new Miss Elf costume boasts a very traditional design with long sleeves and collar, not a bit of cleavage in sight (Sorry, lads!) It’s perfect for family oriented events and work too. The green dress and matching hat both have candy stripe detailing and red pom poms to make it pop! There is also a matching outfit for men with a slightly more comical twist. The mens costume comes with red trousers, a green and red top and a matching hat with oversized ears attached!

ElfNext up is something more flattering for the ladies! Our Fever range brings a bit of heat to the colder months with costumes like our Naughty Elf. Here we have a beautiful green dress with red and white trim, a matching hat and a black belt to show off your waist. For something a bit more fun, why not go for the elf tutu costume, which is as great as it sounds!

Christmas can be an expensive time so if you’re on a budget this year, you can pick up an elf costume with us from as little as £8.99! Our red and green elf tunics are not only a bargain, but they are unisex too! If dressing up isn’t really your thing then why not go for an instant kit which includes an elf print t-shirt and a matching hat? Simple, yet effective!

Not only do we have a huge range of costumes, we also stock more accessories than you can shake a stick at! From funky hats to pointy ears, we have everything you could need. Our new plush elf hat is something a bit different light and dark green stripes and a little jingle bell on the end. If you want something a little cuter then we also have mini hats on headbands too. Because it’s Christmas no one will look twice at a man in tights so slip on a pair of manly man tights to take your costume to the next level! Of course, no elf fancy dress outfit could be without a pair of pointy shoes as we have green or brown options. Now all you need to complete your look are those distinctive pointy ears and we have ear tips that will do just that!

Come And See Us!

Having fun this festive season doesn’t have to cost the world so pop in to your nearest Hollywood store and pick up some great deals today! And remember, if you’re a local business wanting to kit out your staff, come in and see us in advance for the best options!