World Book Day Ideas David Walliams

He's always been one of Britain's best loved comedians but he's quickly becoming a best loved children's author as well. Selling over 22 million copies of his books worldwide, kids are going crazy for David Walliams. Your kids can love him even more with Hollywood's new David Walliams Book Day character costumes, new for 2018!

Bringing the characters to life

Keep your jewelry safe, this international jewel thief will swipe them up before you can say 'Werther's Originals'. The story of Gangster Granny follows 11 year old Ben, as he finds out his boring cabbage-loving granny has been keeping some secrets from the family. She as actually the high profile jewel thief, The Black Cat, and plans a heist on the Tower of London. The children's Gangster Granny costume is a great representation of the hit book and Christmas TV special. This deluxe costume includes Top, Skirt, Wig, Eye mask, Bag, Pearl Necklace and Glasses!

Another book from Walliams has also hit the screen. The story of Ratburger follows Zoe, a young girl with a lot of problems. Like her lazy step-mum who is so lazy she gets Zoe to pick her nose for her. And now the evil Burt from Burt’s Burgers is after her pet rat, and guess what he wants to do with it? (Clue is in the title). This simple yet effective costume is great for both boys and girls and includes Top, Trousers, Wig and Glasses. This deluxe children's costume is also complete with Special Sauce Accessory with Sound Chip!

As David Walliams' first book, The Boy in the Dress is an amazing tale that has touched the hearts (and funny bones) of many children and adults. It tells the story of Dennis, a young boy who loves his footie, but also has a passion for cross-dressing. The book follows the reactions of his family and friends and contains a great mix of comedy and life lessons. The Deluxe Boy in the Dress costume is a brilliant idea for all little boys planning their World Book Day Costumes. It includes yellow dress, football socks & inflatable football.

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