Fireworks bring you joy no matter what age you are and there is a huge variety to choose from! You’ve got your barrages, Fireworksyou’ve stocked up on rockets and now it’s time to take your firework display to the next level!

Catherine Wheels

If you have a fair amount of space in your garden or venue and a post to mount them, then you have to pick up some wheels! They are perhaps the most mesmerising of fireworks, as they change colour and effect as they spin and occasionally screech round to keep you on your toes. They are both thrilling and inexpensive. You can pick up a pack of 5 Cyclone Wheels for as little as £5.99 or a mighty pack of 3 Reliant wheels for a bargain £12.99!

Roman Candles

The most important thing to remember with Roman candles is that they must go in the ground and that they are not to be held when setting off. Misconception about these fireworks has caused them to be banned in parts of the world. Roman candles are tubular fireworks that set off in layers giving you a succession of shots one after the other as the firework burns down. If you want a hefty candle to keep the display going then try V-E Day, which has 55 huge shots. If you’re just looking for a nice gap filler then we have Lunar or Dual Shock and for something more of a novelty, Atomiser which are a steal at £1.99!


Not all fireworks give you an aerial display so add a bit of variety to your fireworks with some fountains! These beauties are ground based and shoot a column of sparks upwards to create a fountain, hence the name. They usually only come with 1 type of effect per fountain, but this style will give you the most high. Multi-effect fountains tend to stay lower to the ground as they are constantly changing. Try the Alien Surprise Fountain for a great show or Mini Funky Frogs for a little variety.


Mines are a similar to fountains in that they mostly give you one style of shot. These bad boys go off in one big hit so are great for a finale! You can also get mines that have a fountain start so why not mix it up a bit? Razzle Dazzle has 5 in a pack for just bs-1894-razzle-dazzle-mine-5-piece-set_1£14.99 so will keep your guests on your toes as you stagger them through your fireworks display. If that sounds like too much, go for Nitro Blast which is a smaller pack of 4 for the bargain price of £4.99!

Fireworks Safety

As with any fireworks you must take health and safety VERY seriously. Fireworks are fun, but if mistreated are dangerous and can cause harm to you and those around you. Fireworks will have instructions on the packaging detailing any safety measures you need to take such as burying and what distance they should be from the audience. Rocket packs will also include a launch tube, but if you require extras, we do sell them individually too. If you are unsure, make sure you ask a member of staff in store before you make your purchase.