Light Up and Celebrate New Years Eve with Fireworks!

Light up the sky and party! It's time to celebrate and prepare for the night itself... New Years Eve of course! Make sure your party is a success with a spectacular firework display. We have plenty to choose from and with prices that with suit everyone's budget what more could you ask for?


Who doesn't love a good barrage? A firework you only need to light once and decorates the sky with multiple shots? What good be better. We love them because they do the hard work for us! Which is a good choice for New Years Eve though? Well one we love is the 'Big Ben Countdown' and it is just the thing for New Years Eve! It is a 37 shot barrage and is truly a show stopper!

light up


Rockets are a must-have for any Firework display! Make the neighbors jealous and keep the early sleeps awake with a BANG! A perfect option and a big seller for special occasion's is the King! It may only be one Rocket but be prepared to be blown away regardless! The King is back on it's throne for top rockets for New Years Eve!


Selection Boxes

Boogie and party into New Years Eve with this a fantastic selection box! Boogie is simply the best option! It's also child friendly since all the fireworks it contains are quiet - bonus! Keep the whole family happy on the big night with our crowd pleasing Boogie selection box! Plus it is great quality for the money only £6.99! Watch the brilliant selection ripple through the air!



If you don't have time to pop into one of our stores beforehand then you can actually click and collect from us instead. Just simply find the Fireworks on our website, pop it in your basket and head to the payment page! You can collect from both Bournemouth Stores and even our Southampton store!

So pop into store now and grab your goodies for New Year's Eve!