A few days from now in a shop not so far, far away, several new versions of our favourite star wars character costumes are waiting to be worn.

Here at Hollywood we’re ready and waiting to fulfil all of you Star Wars shaped needs. We have it all from the deluxe, movie quality hire costumes to the brand new second skin designs which will really let you feel the force!

Second Skin Costumes- May the 4th

The soft 2nd skin costumes give you comfort and ease to move , dance, talk and fight the lighter side of the force with breathable material and removable masks so whether your plan is going out to be a menace  or just to eat Pad Thai and a Bounty  you are sure to have a good time! May the 4th is certainly a brilliant excuse to honour George Lucas' Star Wars trilogy's!




Deluxe Costumes- May the 4th

If you want something a little more luxurious, then have no fear we have super deluxe costumes to buy and to hire. £799.99 may seem a little rich for most, but for an ultra deluxe Darth Vader costume with armour plates made in the original Lucas studio moulds it’s a collectors dream come true! We have plenty of beautiful costumes for those on a budget too, with official costumes to buy from £35 and plenty to hire for less, you’re sure to find something that keeps you and your wallet happy.

To add a little fun to your day why not look at these Star Wars facts you probably never knew about! From Wookies to Ewoks and Jedi's to Sith Lords! Who is your favourite Star Wars Character... if you can decide on just one!

So, whatever you decide to do this coming bank holiday… May the 4th be with you.