They are little balls of yellow cuteness that everyone loved from the moment they graced our screens in Despicable Me. I am, Minionsof course, talking about the adorable Minions and now they have their very own movie!

Join the Minions on their epic journey that takes you right back to the dawn of time when they were tiny single cell organisms and watch them evolve! Minions are always looking to serve the most despicable master and they will travel the world over to find them. After a string of failed attempts the Minions fall into a deep depression that they can’t seem to shake. But one minion, Kevin, has a plan to put them back on top and with the help of the rebellious Stuart and lovable little Bob; they set off on their big adventure! Their thrilling journey leads them right into the arms of the world’s first ever female super villain, Scarlet Overkill, who has her eyes set on global domination.

“Minions” will be showing in UK cinemas everywhere from the 26th June so treat the family to something they can all enjoy! We don’t care how grown up you think you are, you’ll be laughing just as much as the kids. Book quickly as this is a movie that is sure to get any screen packed out!

Be Minions!

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