Are you getting that New Year party feeling? Let’s start the New Year with a bang!

Why not try the fantastic Mardi Gras 136 shot single ignition barrage firework. The Mardi Gras barrage has fantastic range effects and one of the most intelligent timing sequences in our barrages.

The heroic and aptly named Hercules II 107 shot barrage is back in force! An explosive package sure to make all your neighbours jealous! A picture can tell a thousand words so why not check out the video blow of the Hercules II in action?

While counting down to the dawn of the new year why not use the Countdown Finale 200 shot barrage, an amazing mix of coloured neony bursts, crackling brocades and super loud thunder. For a little sample of its explosive Check out the video below

Last and certainly by no means least is the Maximum Showtime 201 shot barrage. This barrage is the biggest, most powerful barrage we have sold to date! Lasting over two minutes, this display is full of huge bursts of gold and yellow throughout and is incredibly loud! In fact we believe the recommended safety distance should be increased from its stated 25 metres should be upped to 50+ metres. The finale spread alone is 100 metres wide!