New Year isn't far away and you're thinking about buying some Fireworks but you can't possibly top last year's display or memories... can you?? Wrong!! Of course you can with Fireworks from Hollywood! With our amazing selection of big bang Fireworks, you can top any display you created last year with a supermarket's Fireworks because ours are simply better! Proper Fireworks that will create amazing memories with your friends and family this New Year's Eve!

Take a look at only some of the many available to you below...

Who wouldn't want a Big Ben Countdown Firework that is a blitz of multi-effects?! This is a whopping awesome New Years Eve firework!

New Year is a big night right? So what is better than a Big Show Firework to end the night with a big bang!

This is one to set the party off with! High noise and makes an impact. Get the party started with Hercules Limited Edition!

Or have you always wanted to get your revenge on a noisy neighbour? Well now is your chance to flip it and become the noisy neighbour this time! This Firework pushes compound Fireworks to the limit!

This fantastic Skycrafter Container Load is a must have for any Fireworks event! Such a variety of Fireworks to choose from, put them in any order!

Become the Neighbour From Hell with this great Firework! 3 barrages to ignite and cause a scene of sparkle and noise!

Or finally, if you're looking for an easy single ignition firework that has an immense 108 shots, then this is the one for you!

To add a tad more colour and fun to the evening, don't forget to get your sparklers and glowsticks!

Whatever you choose for this New Year's Eve, make sure you remember to follow your dreams and go to Hollywood Fancy Dress!

Please note: Fireworks are a COLLECT IN STORE item only. Collecting available from our Castle Lane West store in Bournemouth or our Queensway store in Southampton.