February marks the Chinese New Year 2024. It’s Dragons!! Yes Dragons all year! That is to say it’s the Chinese New Year and the year of the Dragon.

But what does this mean?

The Dragon is the 5th animal in the 12 year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The Dragon represents good luck, strength and good health, it is also the male element “Yang”. Typically more babies are born in China under the sign of the dragon as it is believed that they will be more successful in life than other signs in the Chinese zodiac.

When is the Chinese New Year 2024?

The Chinese New Year is celebrated for 16 days starting on January 28th. Here is a breakdown of the dates of importance in the Chinese New Year: Jan 28th – 9th Feb – Families tidy their homes and decorate with red symbols.

10th Feb – 23rd Feb – Families gather for meals, to burn incense, remember their ancestors and to scare away evil spirits with fireworks. Senior family members give younger members of the family “pocket money” in red envelopes. This is called “Ya Sui Qian” and gives good luck.

24th Feb – is known as “the first moon” and promotes reconciliation of arguments, peace and forgiveness for anything which may have happened over the last year/ years. Families gather for meals and to light lanterns.

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We have a number of options for you to choose from for your fireworks. From small selection boxes to large barrages, and not forgetting sparklers for extra sparkle.

Chinese New Year 2024 Steel Selection Box
Steel Selection Box
Chinese New Year 2024 Bonfire Deluxe Selection Box
Bonfire Deluxe Selection Box
Fanfare Selection Box
Fanfare Selection Box
Chinese New Year 2024 Head Games barrage
Head Games 16 Shot Barrage
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Maximum Showtime Firework
Chinese New Year 2024, War Hawk 2 Rockets
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Rainbow Sparklers
Rainbow Sparklers

Fancy Dress Ideas

Whether for school or a private home party we have a good choice of Chinese and dragon fancy dress to choose from.

Chinese New Year 2024 Dragon Mask
Red Dragon Mask
Chinese New Year 2024 Green Dragon Kit
Green Dragon Kit
Chinese New Year 2024 geisha girl
Girls Geisha Costume
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Oriental Boy Costume
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Ladies Oriental Costume

Celebrate Chinese New Year in style and let Hollywood Fancy Dress Help you out.