Join in on a good cause this Christmas with Christmas Jumper Day!

It's approaching that time of year again, Christmas Jumper Day! Where we must dig out our most festive Christmas Jumper we can find! Whether it's a hideous looking jumper or one you are proud to own 'Save the Children' are calling you to sign up and join the cause!

Don't already own a jumper?

If you have managed to slip throw the cracks these past Christmases and you don't actually own a jumper then do not panic! We here at Hollywood Fancy Dress are your saviors! We have a brilliant variety on festive woolly jumpers. From the 'I've had enough off Christmas already' jumpers to the 'I simply cannot get more Christmasy if I tried'! We have all jumpers to suit your own  personal jumper day

Extravagant taste?

If your taste is a little above average and a woolen jumper on it's own just isn't enough then check out our brilliant Light Up Christmas Pudding jumper. It goes perfect for that flashy soul and someone who enjoys the festive desert! Not only that it's red - anyone looks good in a red jumper!

Something a bit more casual.

Is standing out not really your thing? Then do not stress! We have very cute and casual jumpers available too! From Reindeers to a Snowman! These amazing jumpers are knitted so they are just the thing to keep you warm whilst sporting a great cause! Not all Christmas Jumpers have to be over 'festive-ied'.

What's all the fuss about?

Not convinced about joining in on the annual charitable day? Well you can find out more information here:-


Now grab your most festive and fun Xmas jumper and show everyone you aren't afraid of a little Christmas fun - for a good cause of course! In the words of Save the Children themselves 'Sign up now: Wear a woolly and save lives'!