As the end of the year fast approaches and Christmas now over, we turn to new years celebrations. So lets end the year with a Bang and celebrate with a party and Fireworks.

Here at Hollywood Fancy Dress in our Stores in Bournemouth and Southampton, we have fireworks for all tastes and budgets.

Selection Boxes

For those little budgets and small gardens we have selection boxes, of all sizes and prices. With selection boxes you get a range of smaller fireworks, like fountains and Catherine wheels. Ideal if you not after load bangs and big displays. Perfect for the kids to enjoy.


Take the stress out of the the firework display with a nice and easy light one fuse and stand back firework. Again we have barrages to suit all budgets. Barrages come in all shapes and sizes, and are a mini firework display in a box. They come with one fuse, follow the instructions carefully, light the fuse and stand back for up to a minutes worth of fireworks going up in the air.

Banzai End the year with a bang.
Banzai Barrage £12.99
Missile command firework. End the year with a bang.
Missile Command £9.99
Button Moon barrage end the year with a bang barrage
Button Moon £12.99
Tri Fawkes end the year with a bang
Tri Fawkes £47.99
Monkey Mayhem end the year with a bang
Monkey Mayhem £22.99

Rockets to End The Year with a Bang.

Who doesn't love a rocket, light the fuse and watch it whoosh up in the air. We have a good range in both the stores from single rockets to end the display, or a pack to keep the the night going.

Star Gazer Rockets End The year with a bang
Star Gazer Rocket Pack £8.99
Juno end the year with a bang
Juno Rocket Pack £14.99
Shreika rocket end the year with a bang
Shreika Single Rocket £24.99
War Hawk 2
War Hawk 2 Rocket pack £29.99
Power Pulse Rocket Pack
Power Pulse Rocket Pack £49.99

Larger Displays

Looking for that extra special display and have the space to display? Then we have some perfect barrages for such a thing! Large display barrages for the larger budget. Loud and bright and can last up to 3 minutes perfect way to end the year with a definite bang.

So pop on down to either our Bournemouth Store on Castle Lane West, or our Southampton store on Queensway to see the huge range of fireworks we have. Not all our fireworks are on the website so it is well worth a visit instore and speak to one of the staff who will be happy to help you choose your new years fireworks.

From all of us here at Hollywood Fancy Dress Happy New Year.