Who remembers that iconic moment when Freddy Kruger begins invading the dreams of teens living on Elm Street. Or when Reagan’s head began to rotate past normal movement in the exorcist. If your anything like us then horror movies are for every week, not just Halloween. Relive the horror classics with our wide selection of Halloween Horror Film Costumes.

What was your first horror movie experience?  Maybe it was Chucky with his quirky brand of humorous killing, or trying to work out who Ghost Face was before they killed all of the surviving teens.

Horror Film Classic Costume Ideas

You could be hunting annoying teen reprobates with your pail face mask, boiler suit and chef’s knife as Michael Myers.

Halloween horror film Myers costume
Michael Myers Men's Costume
ladies Michael Myers Halloween Horror Film Costume
Ladies Michael Myers Costume
1978 Michael Myers Mask
1978 Michael Myers Mask
Michael Myers Knife

Maybe IT’s Penny Wise is more your pace, Now we can’t help you shapeshift or pull body parts off of neighbourhood kids, but we can give you the official costumes.

Ladies IT Chapter 2 Halloween Horror Film Costume
Ladies IT Chapter 2 Costume
Pennywise costume
Pennywise Clown Costume

From Friday the 13th Franchise we have the stuff of nightmares and camps with Freddy and Jason.

Chucky is for many one of the greatest horror creations, who would have imagined a killer doll … I mean that doll is totally killer! With a TV series now into 3 seasons Chucky will always be in our life. Here at Hollywood we have costumes for ALL ages.

Other Halloween Horror Film ideas include classics such as The Exorcist, and the Saw franchises, and not forgetting Scream.

Halloween Horror Film Merrin Costume
The Exorcist Priest Costume
Saw Puppet Costume
Saw Puppet Costume
Ghost Face costume
Scream Ghostface Costume

Last but not least with have the lovable Beetle Juice who will be making a come back in 2024.

Halloween Horror Film Beetle Juice Costume
Beetle Juice Costume

Horror films are the best inspiration for Halloween costumes. Hollywood Fancy Dress has all these plus loads more in store and online.