The leaves are falling from the trees, the nights are getting darker and there’s a chill in the air. It must be HALLOWEEN!! Halloween kids costumes is the main focus for this blog. Dress your little devil right for Halloween with this fantastic range.

Halloween is an old English festival predating our modern society in which following  the winter equinox (when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead are at their thinnest), our ancestors would close themselves away and leave offerings outside their doors to ward off malevolent spirits. 

It is reasonable to assume that people who were struggling at this time may have taken these offerings. This practice has evolved  into trick or treating.

Trick-Or-Treating is when houses display a lantern (often a carved pumpkin with a candle) outside the front door indicating that they are open for trick-Or-Treaters. The Trick-Or-Treaters dress up as malevolent spirits; they then knock on the door and say the well-known phrase “Trick or Treat” suggesting that they (acting as malevolent spirits) want an offering of sweets (treat) or the trick-or- treaters will play a trick on the occupiers of the house. The trick could be anything  from leaving notes or throwing toilet roll to throwing eggs at the house.

For The Girls

Lets start with the girls, we have it all from the popular Netflix series Wednesday, to Harlequin, and not forgetting Witches of all types.

Halloween Kids Wednesday costume
Wednesday Rave'n Dress
Halloween Kids Harley Quinn Costume
Girls Harlequin Costume
Enchanted Sister Girls Costume
Grils sunset witch costume
Kids Sunset Witch

Halloween Kids The Boys

Can't forget the boys can we, from skeletons to zombies, and horror film favourites Chucky and scream, your little devil will be pleased with this selection.

Halloween kids skeleton costume
Boys Neon Skeleton
Kind Chucky costume
Kids Chucky Costume
Zombie School boy costume
Zombie School Boy
Halloween kids scream costume
Ghost Face Scream Kids Costume

Halloween Babies

We even cater for the babies of the family. From Baby ghosts to baby chucky the choice is yours.

Halloween kids baby chucky
Baby Chucky
Halloween baby Ghost
Ghost Baby
Halloween Kids Baby Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin Baby

We have something for everyone this Halloween. Pop on down to one of pour three stores on the south coast or visit us online.