Hogmanay Origins

Christmas is celebrated by many countries across the world. It wasn’t until 1958 that it became a public holiday in Scotland.  The Church of Scotland discouraged the celebration of Christmas for nearly 400 years. The Scots instead celebrated the pagan traditions of Hogmanay from the evening of December 31st until the 1st January. Depending on the day it fell it would last much longer. For example, if New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday, not only will the 1st and 2nd be a public holiday, but so will the 3rd and 4th! While very similar to our celebrations of New Year, a lot of old Scottish customs have been carried forward to present day.

Costume Ideas for Hogmanay

If you feel like dressing for the occasion, you can show a bit of national pride and wear a kilt. While Hogmanay still holds many of its old customs, new ones always like to squeeze their way in, so why not incorporate an up and coming English tradition of gearing up in fun and festive fancy dress to see the New Year in with a smile?

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Finish your outfit with this traditional Tam O Shanter  Hat

Why not be daring and put your kilt on, what do you wear under yours!

Take the weight of your feet with this brilliant Carry Me costume and liven up any party this new year.

Celebrate in like the Scots do and party the night away.

 We wish you a very Happy New Year and have a great time jumping into the sea on New Year's day!