There is a full weekend of events planned for the Kings coronation. One of these will be lighting up the nation on the evening of Sunday 7th of May. As part of the evening concert, iconic locations around the UK will be lit up projections, lasers, drone displays and illuminations. So why not get involved and have a firework display.

Here at Hollywood Fancy Dress we have a large selection from small barrages to large rockets. So lets make the coronation go out with a bang.


We have a huge selection of barrage fireworks. Light one fuse and stand back for a mini display.

Lighting up the nation banzai
Banzai 14 Shot Barrage
Tri Fawkes Lighting up the nation barrage
Tri Fawkes 66 Shot Barrage
Monkey Mayhem Barrage
Monkey Mayhem 12 Shot Barrage

How about something a bit bigger, we do a selection of display kits for a longer and better display.

The God Father Lighting up the nation firework
The God Father Display Kit
Zenith Firework
Zenith Barrage

Lighting Up The Nation For Small Gardens

Whether you have a small garden or a small gathering of friends and family, and not wanting anything to load and big, then we have a large range of Selection boxes to choose from.


It is not a firework display with out a rocket. We have options for all, small to big.

Star Gazer Rocket pack
Star Gazer Rockets
War Hawk lighting up the nation rocket pack
War Hawk 2
Astro blaster lighting up the nation rocket pack
Astro Blaster Rocket Pack

And not forgetting our best seller, and aptly named, The King rocket.

The King Rocket

So come on down to our store on Castle Lane West. They have all your need for your mini firework display, including the all important sparklers for the kids, and light up the skies for the King.

There are many more ways to get involved with the Coronation weekend, find more details on official Royal website.