New Forest Fairy Festival | 10th-11th August 2019

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Are you ready for this year's New Forest Fairy Festival? It is taking place on Saturday 10th August and Sunday 11th August in Burley, New Forest.

What is the New Forest Fairy Festival?

Enjoy the magic of the enchanting home of the New Forest Fairies!

Nestling in the lea of a hill where time stood still for hundreds of years surrounded the mighty oaks, tree spirits and woodland creatures, live the Forest Folk, under every leaf, behind every tree you might see them.

Listen for the fairy bell and they will appear, their gossamer wings glinting in the sunlight.

Walk on the ley lines and gather the amazing healing energy the Forest gives to all of us, talk with the wise women of the Forest who teach the fairies their secrets.

The Weekend will be packed with entertainment and workshops for the whole family. Handmade Arts and Crafts help us to discover the magic of nature.

Josephine Wall and Sue Clyne will be here to capture our imaginations with their fantasy Artwork.

Live acoustic music, Bands, Story telling, Belly Dancing, Platform Mediumship lots of activities and workshops will heighten our senses with love and joy. Let your spirit run wild and free!

Dress in your finest Fairy and Elf Costumes and be sprinkled with Fairy Dust! To find out more click here.

For the Ladies!

Grant wishes this Summer with this gorgeous ladies' Good Fairy Costume. This magical costume comes complete with a White Dress, Matching Sleevelets and Wings to finish off the look. Ideal for any Fairy themed event!