The clock strikes midnight and the sky fills with New Years Eve Fireworks, as people bring in the new year with a bang. Why not be one of those people and join in the display that lights up the night sky. Whether you want a small quiet firework or big bangs. Here at Hollywood Fancy Dress we cater for all.

There is a reason why we have fireworks at new year, as the nights drew in, early man did not know if the sun would return. Early people believed that the sun was being stolen by demons. So they lit fires and made loud noises to scare away the demons to save the sun garneting it’s return. So let’s scare some demons and make sure that the sun returns in the New Year.

Selection boxes

Selection boxes are brilliant for small gardens and small children. With small fountains, and low noise rockets they are perfect for people who want a pretty light display.

New Years Eve Fireworks monster selection box
Monster Selection Box £12.99
New Years Eve Fireworks steel selection box
Steel Selection Box £19.99
Bonfire Deluxe Selection Box
Bonfire Deluxe Selection Box £29.99
New Years Eve Fireworks Platinum Selection Box
Platinum Selection Box £125.00

Firework Barrages

Don't want the fuss of lighting lots of rockets and fountains, a Barrage is the perfect firework, light one fuse, stand back and watch the display. Again we have a large range from quiet to big bangs.

New Years Eve Fireworks Raganork
Ragnarok 16 Shot Barrage £19.99
New Years Eve Fireworks Angel Dust Delight
Angel Dust Delight Low Noise Barrage £29.99
Coco New Years Eve Fireworks
Coco 50 Shot Barrage £39.99
New Years Eve Fireworks Magical Palm
Magical Palm Barrage £69.99
Endgame 125 shot firework
Endgame 125 Shot Barrage £125.00
Countdown finale
Countdown Finale 200 Shot Barrage £135.00
Grounds For Divorce
Grounds For Divorce £179.99
New Years Eve Fireworks Majestic barrage
Majestic Barrage £269.99

New Years Eve Fireworks The Rockets!

Rockets are always good for any firework party, whether wanting a small or load bang, the choice is yours. But we all know you need a big bang for midnight. We have a brilliant range from single rockets to packs.

The Best of The Rest

Looking for that something extra for New Years Eve, then this little selection of fireworks may be what your looking for.

New Years Eve Fireworks The greatest Showman
The Greatest Showman Display £999.99
New Years Eve Fireworks Zenith Compound
Zenith Compound £499.99
The Godfather Display Kit New Years Eve Fireworks
The God Father Display Kit £299.99
New Years Eve Fireworks Maximum showtime.
Maximum Showtime Display Kit £249.99
The king rocket
The King Single Rocket £29.99

We hope this has helped with your New Years Eve Fireworks decision making.

We wish all our customer a Happy and Healthy New Year.