New Years Eve - Set 2019 off with a BANG!

Get ready for New Years Eve, make sure you are prepared for 2019 and why not set the new year off with a huge display off fireworks?!

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Everyone loves fireworks so there really is no better way to celebrate the New Year with!

It's New Years Eve - try a Barrage!

This amazing Big Ben Countdown 37 Shot Barrage is just the thing to impress your New Years Eve guests! It includes a blitz of multi-effects. Brightly coloured fireballs and thunderous booms. This is a whopping awesome New Years Eve firework! It crackles and shimmers and razzle-dazzles its way through the countdown 3....2....1.... Happy New Year!
Big Ben Barrage - New Years Eve
This stunning Countdown Finale 200 Shot Barrage Firework from Bright Star Fireworks is a must-have for New Years Eve! An excellent Finale or New Year set piece. An amazing mix of coloured peony bursts, crackling brocades and super loud thunder!
New Years Eve - Countdown Finale
Get ready for Hercules the son of Zeus! What's so good about Hercules? This fantastic Barrage Firework which has 107 shots of pure strength and adoration. Obviously immortal, the exceptional strength of the original award winner is back, and this one isn't getting away-we have caged it ! Now back in pyro mesh for ultimate impact. Straight, V and W Fan effects from this 107 Shot Single Ignition cake. Red purple starts with tails, green tail to green glitter, red white green tail to red white green wave, blue tail to blue brocade and a finale of whistling tails to crackling. Something to know if you have little ones, it does give off a high noise level.
Hercules - New Years Eve
If you're crazy about fireworks and love the noise and colours then you'll love this Fireworks Crazy 100 shot high noise single ignition barrage firework from Brothers Pyrotechnics. This crazy firework is packed full of crazy fun and will be a winner at any New Years Eve party! Blow your guests away with this fantastic Barrage!
New Years Eve - Firework Crazy

 This fabulous Ion Storm 200 Shot Barrage is perfect for finishing off the party! A rapid fire of colour pearls and star bursts mixed with loud reports. An excellent finale to any display!

New Years Eve - Ion Storm

Set those rockets off for the New Year!

 3" Demolition shell rocket firework! This incredible rocket is a loud noise firework but with the stunning effects that can only normally be found at a firework display. Your neighbours will be understanding, given it's New Year and all!

New Years Eve - Demolition

This fantastic pack of four 3” display quality shell rockets really will blow your socks off. Each pack boasts four distinct effects. If you’re looking for outstanding, display quality effects, then this is the pack for you. Ideal for anyone throwing a party or special occasion. Just the thing for New Years Eve!
New Years Eve - Wrecking Balls
Get ready for Total Impact! This brilliant Total Impact 3 Rocket Pack is perfect for anyone looking to send their party off with a bang! This fantastic set has a twin burst effect. Effects: (A) White glitter king & blue star to gold glitter willow. (B) Blue star & brocade crown & white glitter to gold willow to red. (C) Red star & crackling chrys to brocade crown to green.
New Years Eve - Total Impact
King Dom Rockets, pack of 6 - THE rockets to have for New Years Eve! Seriously dominate the skies with the leader of all rocket selections. They are so beastly we had to cage them..! Blow your mates away and take this to your party.. guaranteed to impress this New Years Eve!
New Years Eve- King Dom
This fantastic Heroes and Villains Rocket Set is a must-have for anyone looking to show off their spectacular fireworks! This amazing rocket set of two is just the thing for the whole family to gaze at in wonder! Effects: Hero: Blue with brocade wave. Villain: Silver glitter with green wave.
New Years Eve - Heroes and Villains

Sparklers and Mines!

The Bomb Factory Firework Mines Pack of 2! Detonate your nuclear arsenal in the privacy of your own garden. Two mines with sonic booms and spectacular fallout. These are stunning fireworks which make them a great choice for New Years Eve!
New Years Eve - Mines
These fantastic Rainbow Sparklers are perfect for New Years Eve! Everyone loves a sparkler or two! This colourful pack includes 4 long 18" Sparklers from Bright Star Fireworks. Keep the children entertained this year! For a great hack on keeping your little ones safe with sparklers click here.
New Years Eve - Sparklers

Why not buy in bulk and try a Selection box?

Are you looking to defend Westeroes and destroy all the white walkers? Well then Wildfire is the selection box for you! This one is a big boy, but he's worth it! It's just the thing if you want to just buy one box of fireworks and be done with it! At the generous price of £99.99! Don't forget, Game of Thrones ends in 2019! Man, has it been a long wait!

Wildfire - New Years Eve

Now, Imperial is a big boy. He contains 50 fireworks and this includes an excellent selection on Rockets, Wheels, Barrages, Fountains and Roman Candles. Ideal for larger Firework gatherings. A truly exceptional collection, which makes it just the thing for New Years Eve!


New Years Eve - Imperial

We stock fireworks at three off our shops which includes Castle Lane West in Bournemouth, Bournemouth Town Centre in Bournemouth and Queensway in Southampton! Don't forget also if you are local and would like to reserve a firework you can purchase them online on our website and collect in store! If you desire some assistance pop into Castle Lane West and have a browse in our Castle Lane Store, want to check the firework is in stock? No problem! Give them a call on 01202 532262! Do not forget we also have all of our stores fully stocked up on New Years Eve outfits (including our Poole Store) so why not pick up an outfit on your way when choosing a firework!

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Stay safe this New Years Eve and have a very grand and merry New Year from all at Hollywood Fancy Dress! 2019 here we come, ready to conquer and achieve!