The wait is finally over for the latest Scream movie. Scream VI hits the cinema's 9th of March. What better way to immerse yourself than dressing for the part. Here at Hollywood Fancy Dress we have just had a large delivery of scream costumes and masks, ready for all you scream fans. What's your favourite scary movie?

It all started nearly thirty years ago in the December of 1996 when the first movie hit the big screen. You knew it was going to be good when the director is Wes Craven who brought us Nightmare on Elm Street. With the release of the latest film, the franchise has stood the test of time. So come and grab your Ghost Face essentials here at Hollywood Fancy Dress.

Scream Movie Costumes

We have everything from the iconic Ghost Face masks, to the full costumes for adults and children.

Scream Movie Ghost Face mask
Official Ghost Face Mask
Scream Movie Kids Ghost Face Costume
Children's Scream Costume
 Ghost Face slayer kit.
Scream Ghost Face Slayer Kit
Scream Movie adult costume
Adult Scream Costume
Scary Movie fancy dress knives.
Scary Movie Picture Knives

The Iconic Film Plot

The first four films follow Sidney Prescott and her struggle against a succession of murderers who adopt the guise of Ghostface. Who stalk and kill their victims, revenge, jealousy, and seeking notoriety being the motivation. Sidney receives support from town policeman Dewey Riley, tabloid reporter Gale Weathers, and film-geeks Randy Meeks and Kirby From the fifth film onwards, the focus shifts to Billy Loomis's daughter. Samantha Carpenter, and her sister, Tara, who are targeted due to their connection to the original killers. Together with their friends and some of the original survivors, they must contend with new Ghostface killers with motives that may sometimes be connected to the in-universe Stab movies.

Ghost Face is not just for Halloween.