St. George's Day is the feast day of the patron saint St. George celebrated in England. But who was St George, and why do we celebrate this day?

St George is considered a hero for slaying a dragon terrorising England. However, St George's life is mostly a mystery. He is thought to have been a Roman officer from Cappadocia, an accent country occupying an area where Turkey is now and died in Lydda, where modern Israel is now.

So how did St George become a patron saint celebrated in England? St George built a reputation for virtue, honesty and valour during his life. George's courage led to the army displaying him on banners to inspire troops in battle with the red cross on a white background. Known as the St George cross from the 9th century. During the 2nd world War, King George created a new award for acts of extreme courage during extreme danger known as the George Cross.

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For the Adults

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St George's day Knight Costume
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