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Halloween decorations

  1. Decorations & Props | Halloween 2019

    Decorations & Props | Halloween 2019
    Decorations & Props | Halloween 2019 Are you looking to create the perfect Haunted House this Halloween? Then look no further with our amazing, creepy decorations & props! Top Halloween Decorations 2019! Here is our official list of top Halloween Decorations 2019 and yes - we stock them all! Whether you are looking to make the perfect Haunted House or...
  2. Deluxe Decorations for Halloween!

    Deluxe Decorations for Halloween!
    Here at Hollywood we don’t like to do things by halves and that is why we bring you the best deluxe Halloween decorations! Everyone has seen spooky spider webs and hanging bats, but what about fully animated guests?... If you have ever been into a Hollywood store over Halloween (and let’s face it, who hasn’t) you will know what we mean! You will have been greeted by a sea of scary props and decorations, some of them will have made you jump Deluxeand some of them will have jumped at you! Ceiling Hangers   The best scares are ones you don’t see coming so the ceiling is your best friend when decorating for Halloween. Here at Hollywood we use every inch of our ceiling to show you just how good our hanging decorations are, so you get to experience the thrill before you buy! We have hanging severed heads in all kinds of styles including gory glass face and even shrivelled mummy heads for a voodoo look. How about some angry caged ghosts who shake and screech as you pass by? Sure to shock even the hardiest of party goers! Continue reading →
  3. Hosting a house party for Halloween this month?

    Hosting a house party for Halloween this month?
    Planning on hosting a Halloween party of your own this year? One so gritty and gruesome, your friends will never forget it? With our help, your party will be one for the ages! Hollywood Fancy Dress has got all the disturbing costumes, revolting accessories, and bloody decorations you're going to need. We've got a huge range of creepy Halloween costumes...

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