It’s time to dust off the good wine, look into roses and maybe find something cheeky to wear! Valentine’s Day 2024 is upon us.

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day.

Our research shows that Valentine’s Day was originally an attempt to “Christianize” the pagan festival of Lupercalia. A festival of fertility. Lupercalia was celebrated by the founders of Rome. They believed that a she-wolf looked after them and would sacrifice a goat and dog.

The history of Valentine’s is not well known and could be one of a couple of people.

The first of these was a priest. The Roman Emperor of the time banned young men marrying as they made better soldiers without families. The Priest Valentine continued to marry young men and women despite this and was executed when he was discovered.

Another Valentine was arrested for helping Christians escape Roman prisons. During his imprisonment he fell in love with the jailers daughter, who would visit him regularly and signed letters to her “Your Valentine”.

Both of these Valentines have good reason to be the “Valentine”, but our celebration may be a combination of both. Whichever Valentine you believe is the patron saint of lovers, celebrated this day as a sign of love your and commitment to the relationship.

At Hollywood's we have all you need to make the night feel special, maybe a cheeky costume or a joke for that bachelor/bachelorette in your life. 

Say It With Balloons

Balloons are the perfect way to say I Love You to that special someone. Here at Hollywood Fancy Dress we have plenty of styles and designs to choose from. Whether you are wanting to cover the ceiling, or just wanting a classic cluster pop into store and see us.

Valentine's Day 2024 classic cluster
Classic Cluster
Valentine's Day 2024 Luxury Layer Cluster
Luxury Layer Cluster

Fancy Dress For Valentine's Day 2024

Why not spice up your Valentines day with a little dress up. Who doesn't like a uniform!

Valentine's Day 2024 fire man costume
Fever Fire Man Costume
Valentine's Day 2024 French Sailor Costume
French Sailor Fever Costume
Valentine's Day 2024 School girl costume
School Girl Costume
Valentine's Day 2024 Fever Gangster costume
Fever Gangster Moll Costume

So go on treat that someone special with a cheeky little something.