Who is a scots best friend? Robert Burns of course! It's that time of year again - Burns Night is fast approaching! This year the annual Scottish event takes place on Wednesday 25th January 2018! For anyone not so familiar with this occassion Burns Night is a day dedicated to celebrating the work of the Scottish Poet Robert Burns. The legendary scot was born on the 25th January 1759 in Alloway. Guess what! If the scotsman was alive today he would be 259 years old!


Scots have comical taste!

If you are looking to entertain your humorous side then this hilarious costume is a must-have for you! This brilliant Scotsman Carry Me Costume is perfect for any Robert Burns tribute! Besides who doesn't love a good laugh? It comes complete with a tartan print plush, soft one piece suit with false attached Human legs and kilt! ! Don't forget in Scotland real men wear kilts... and you'll kind of be following that saying!

Go Braveheart on everyone!

Another brilliant choice for Burns Night would be the brave Scotsman costume! Which is of course inspired by Braveheart! This fantastic outfit comes complete with a blue tartan print kilt, brown top and sash with leg ties. Remeber some words of wisdom here made famous by Mel Gibson: 'They may take our lives but they'll never take our FREEDOM!'.


Costumes a bit too much?

Don't fancy going all out and dressing from head to toe to commend Robert Burns? Well that's not a problem! We have some more subtle options for you instead. We have tartan print Tam O' Shanter hats which are native to Scotland. We also have red beards to get that true Scotsman look! We even sell just the kilt itself which is very popular for this occasion. And in case you wondered - yes, we do hire out kilts at our Castle Lane Store in Bournemouth so you don't even need to buy one, instead consider renting!

So celebrate Burns Night together in ol' fashion Scotsman style!