Harry Paye Day parade is back! Like a lot of things 2022 sees the return of many events that have been cancelled over the last 2 years. Harry Paye Day is no exception. On Saturday the 18th of June sees the parade of pirates on Poole quay.

Who is Harry Paye?

 Harry Paye, was a privateer and smuggler from Poole, Dorset in the late 14th and early 15th century, who became a commander in the Cinque Ports fleet. He intercepted hundreds of French ships for gold, wine, exotic fruits and brought it back to the people of Poole. Paye is celebrated in the annual Harry Paye Charity Fun Day parade held in Poole every June.


With pirate fancy dress encouraged for the parade why not join in the fun and dress as a swashbuckling pirate for the day.

We have everything a pirate needs, from outfits to eyepatches, for adults and children. So whether you are a budding Jack Sparrow or a seasoned treasure hunter pop along to our store in the Poole dolphin center to see the vast range we have.

For the ladies we have sexy or traditional, with or with out trousers the choice is yours!

Calling all salty sea dogs, we have men's costumes too from captains to deckhands.

Not forgetting the little ones, we have a good selection of boys and girls costumes too.

So grab your bottle of rum and head on down to Poole quay this Saturday for some swashbuckling fun.