Arr me O’l land lovers, it be time to take up the cutlass and fly the Jolly Rodger with pride. Harry Paye Day 2023 is upon us.. Our gentleman pirate Harry Paye, needs you! It's time to take up arms and defend our shores from French and Spanish invaders. It is time to protect and pay tribute to our beloved Robin Hood of the Seas. 

Harry was a privateer in the employment of King Henry 4th, tasked with harassing the French, Spanish and Portuguese trading fleets on the high seas. He was so successful that the combined forces of Spain and France attacked Poole in 1406 in an attempt to kill Harry. However, Harry was so beloved that the townspeople took up arms to defend him; while smuggling Harry out of the city to safety. 

Every year the Pirates of Poole and BCP tourism host Harry Paye Day to remember and celebrate this local hero. This year it is being held on 17th of June. The day will celebrate everything piratey. There will be a parade of pirates, live history, games, live music, sea shanties, and of course, a best-dressed pirate competition. 

Harry Paye For The Kids

Harry Paye day is a family event; A perfect opportunity to get your little pirates in on the action and bring the history of Poole to life.

Harry Paye Day 2023 Jolly Boy Pirate Costume
Jolly Boy Pirate
Deluxe Pirate kids Harry Paye Day 2023
Deluxe Pirate Kids Costume
Harry Paye day Kids Costume
Toddler Pirate Girl Costume
Princess of the seas costume
Princess Of The Seas Costume

For The Adults

Being a pirate is all about attitude. The attitude is easiest to master when your confident in your look. With a whole pirate section Hollywood will have a look that will have you realising your inner pirate.

Harry Paye Day 2023 pirate treasure costume
Pretty in Pink Ladies Pirate Treasure Costume
Sultry swashbuckler Harry P[aye Day 2023
Sultry Swashbuckler Ladies Pirate Costume.
Ladies Pirate Harry Paye Day 2023 Costume.
High Seas Elegant Pirate Costume.
Pirate Man Costume.
Pirate Man Costume
High Seas Harry Paye Day 2023 Pirate Costume
High Seas Pirate Man Costume
Pirate Ship Mate Costume.
Pirate Ship Mate Costume

So come and down to the Poole store in the Dolphin centre where the staff will be happy to kit you out for this unique to Poole Harry Pay Day.